Agario City Game – The Best Time Killer Game Out There

If you are a game lover then you might be aware of the name “Agario”.

If not? Then let me describe it for you.

Agario is an Android app and an online game which can be used for killing your spare time with fun and make is rememberable for you.

Agario offers a lot of game types which includes the Agario City, Agario Pro and a lot more too.

Here I will tell you about the Agario City Game which is specially made for fun and you can play this game for free with your friends.

How to Install Agario Game?

Let me first tell you about the Agario for computer.

Agario for computer is an easy to use online game which you can play by going to their official site which is totally free to use. In the Official site of the Agario City you can also find a lot of game hacks and Agario PVP or say the Agario Private Servers too.

Now let’s move on the Agario Android app which is basically the Android version of the same game.

Agario Android can be installed on the Android device by Going to the Google Play Store its simple and easy to install any game from the Google Play Store.

How to Play Agario Game?

Playing Agario is not a rocket science but you still need to know what the hell is the Agario Game and how can you play the game on your Android as well as on your Computer as an online game.

Now let’s move on and I will tell you that how can you play the Agario game.

Its simple just launch the game on your device (doesn’t matter either on Android or on PC) and you will see a small dot which is basically call the Agar. Now you have to move further ago by moving your mouse or by tapping you finger on the Android scree.

You have to eat other small Agars which are very easy just take your Agar near them and you are done.

Once you eat some other Agars your Agario’s size will increase.

But remember one thing that you should avoid other big Agario users because in the Agario City game if someone other Big Agario come near yours then your Game will be over.


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