9Apps one of the best alternative to google playstore

Many people who use google play store have gone fed up of it because of the availability of apps. Most of the time app that gets popular is made paid and you will have to pay for it in order to use it on your cell phone. Same is the case with ringtones and wallpaper, even with video if its get little bit popularity people to make it paid and starts asking for money in order to access them. 


To get rid of this problem Chinese planed to develop something that is free for download and it contains all the paid app for free so people don’t have to go through all the hassle. 9apps allows you to access all apps that are available on google playstore for free. It can be used on pc and as well as on the android phone. 


To download it for android what you have to do it download 9apps first and then open its apk file. Once you start installing the phone will ask you for permission many times but still allow them as its hundred percent secure and no need to worry about anything. Once you install it click on the app icon and open to see the ui of 9apps which is very fantastic. It give you the abilitly of filter to filter apps according to your choice. If you love romantic apps or adventure it has got you covered in every aspect. 


9apps provides you some extra ordinary features that makes it unique in its own way. Its quite difficult to sum up all of them right now, so we’ll just talk about some of its most prominent features, which I think is necessary for you to know about.

So, here they are…


  • It’s completely secure. Unlike other such apps that claim to be secure, but actually aren’t. As security is always the first priority for a customer, so the developers of this app have made sure that you don’t face any security issues while using this app.
  • With its extremely easy UI, it doesn’t matter if you are experienced with electronic devices or not, you will just learn everything in the first attempt you start using it. 
  • As you know, 9apps is very light, and does not have any big system requirements, so it doesn’t matter which phone you use, if it meets the requirements, then it’s alright with it. It won’t slow your device down anyway.
  • Unlike google playstore, where most of the apps are paid, 9apps does not have any such thing. Instead it provides you most of the apps for free. Even those apps which you have to pay for if you want to get them from google playstore.
  • While using 9apps, forget about your internet speed, because it will function properly on almost any internet speed. In short, you just need to have an internet connection.
  • System requirements are low. So much low that you can run it even on android 2.1. However, it does not support lower than that.
  • It comes in apk, so once you download it, you dont have to download it again and again, until you have the apk file saved in your device.
  • Can also work on Pc.
  • Ads free.

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